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Cafe Style Shutters From Plymouth Shutters And Blinds

Café style Shutters are half height Shutters with panels covering the bottom half of a window only, allowing for privacy, whilst leaving the top half of the window clear for maximum light.

Like all of our Shutters, Café Style Shutters are available to order in a wide range of colours and stains, including custom colours; allowing you to get the perfect colour Shutters for your window frames and the perfect style to compliment your interior every time.

Available in a choice of 23 paints, 27 stains, or a custom colour option, every one of our shutters have 6 coats of paint or stain, and a UV protective layer making them both beautifully finished and incredibly durable.

Our collection of Café Style Shutters are designed to provide privacy to your room, preventing anyone from being able to see through the lower half of your window.

Café Style Shutters can be used in combination with our range of Blinds for a truly custom solution, or the top half of the window can be left completely uncovered.

Our Café Style Shutters are very popular, providing both a stylish as well as practical solution for your windows.

Café Style Shutters look as stunning from the outside as they do on the inside, as the shutters panels can be lined up to your windows frame, allowing for the perfect finish and a great addition to your existing windows.

Cafe Style Shutters Summary:

~ Privacy with maximum light.

~ Can be combined with Blinds.

~ Panels can be lined up to your window frames.

~ Choose from 23 paints, 27 stains, or a custom colour.

~ 6 coats of paint or stain & UV protection on every Shutter.

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